Cherry Personal Development

We do learning

Yes we do training and, according to our clients, we do it exceptionally well, but it’s not what we’re about.  We are about learning, individual, team and organisational learning.  For this reason we use a number of approaches, sometimes tried and tested, sometimes newly created to meet your unique situation and outcomes.

We enjoy:

Adapting proven programs to your needs and have extensive experience around:

  • Coaching Skills Development
  • Presentation Prowess
  • Influencing
  • Leadership & Management
  • Personal & Career Development

Co-creating effective interventions and events with you. We’ve helped clients in a number of sectors:

  • Build and maintain effective teams
  • Launch major projects successfully
  • Create a more entrepreneurial culture
  • Drive creativity and innovation

Coaching Individuals & Teams to build capability and commitment achieve goals and align with personal and organizational purpose.  This has included:

  • Transition to leadership positions
  • Engaging key stakeholders
  • Presenting to major industry gatherings
  • Managing cross functional global teams
  • Major Project launches
  • And many more

We’ve built a reputation for getting tangible results surprisingly quickly on four continents (so far) and across a range of organisations from major global household names and government bodies to individual business owners.

We’d love to create great results with you.  Call us..